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Mass Spectrometry Letters Vol. 13 No. 4
Volume 13, Number 4
December 2022



1. Mass Spectrometry-Based Analytical Methods of Amatoxins in Biological Fluids to Monitor Amatoxin-Induced Mushroom Poisoning

▪ Keywords: amatoxin-induced mushroom poisoning, α-amanitin, β-amanitin, γ-amanitin, LC-MS/MS, biological samples
▪ Author(s): Jin-Sung Choi and Hye Suk Lee*
▪ DOI:

2. High-Throughput Screening Technique for Microbiome using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry: A Review

▪ Keywords: MALDI-TOF, mass spectrometry, microbiome, environment
▪ Author(s): Abhik Mojumdar, Hee-Jin Yoo, Duck-Hyun Kim, and Kun Cho*
▪ DOI:

3. Combining the Power of Advanced Proteome-wide Sample Preparation Methods and Mass Spectrometry for defining the RNA-Protein Interactions

▪ Keywords: proteomics, mass spectrometry, RNA-binding proteins, enrichment, RNA-protein interactions
▪ Author(s): Tong Liu, Chaoshuang Xia, Xianyu Li*, and Hongjun Yang*
▪ DOI:


4. Headspace GC-MS Analysis of Spring Blossom Fragrance at Chungnam National University Daedeok Campus

▪ Keywords: fragrance compound, headspace extraction, GCMS, spring blossoms, principal component analysis
▪ Author(s): Yeonwoo Choi†, Sanghyun Lee†, Young-Mi Kim, Huu-Quang Nguyen, Jeongkwon Kim, and Jaebeom Lee*
▪ DOI:

5. The Advanced Analytical Method Through the Quantitative Comparative Study of Taurine in Feed Using LC-MS/MS

▪ Keywords: taurine, feed, LC-MS/MS, amino acid analyzer, comparative study
▪ Author(s): Yeong Jun Seon, Hyung Ju Seo, Jiye Yoon, Hyunjeong Cho, Sunghie Hong, Seung Hwa Lee*, and Tae Woong Na*
▪ DOI:

6. Relative Quantification of Glycans by Metabolic Isotope Labeling with Isotope Glucose in Aspergillus niger

▪ Keywords: Aspergillus niger, Glycans, Glycosylation, Metabolic labeling, Isotopic glucose, Quantitative glycomics, MILPIG, Mass Spectrometry
▪ Author(s): Soo-Hyun Choi†, Ye-Eun Cho†, Do-Hyun Kim, Jin-il Kim, Jihee Yun, Jae-Yoon Jo, and Jae-Min Lim*
▪ DOI:

7. A Sensitive, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Method to Determine Rotigotine in Rat Plasma Using Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE) and LC-MRM

▪ Keywords: rotigotine, multiple reaction monitoring, liquid-liquid extraction, rat plasma, pharmacokinetics
▪ Author(s): Ji Seong Kim†, Yong Jin Jang†, Jin Hee Kim, Jin Hwan Kim, Jae Hee Seo, Il-Ho Park, Myung Joo Kang*, and Yong Seok Choi *
▪ DOI:

8. Inhibitory Effects of Dietary Schisandra Supplements on CYP3A Activity in Human Liver Microsomes

▪ Keywords: CYP3A, Inhibition, Lignan, Schisandra supplements
▪ Author(s): Bae-Gon Kang, Eun-Ji Park, So-Young Park, and Kwang-Hyeon Liu*
▪ DOI:

9. Simultaneous Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometric Determination of 35 Prohibited Substances in Equine Plasma for Doping Control

▪ Keywords: Doping control, Equine plasma, LC–MS⁄MS
▪ Author(s): Young Beom Kwak, Jundong Yu*, and Hye Hyun Yoo*
▪ DOI:

10. Comparative Analysis of the Phyto-compounds Present in the Control and Experimental Peels of Musa paradisiaca used for the Remediation of Chromium Contaminated Water

▪ Keywords: Bio-adsorbent, Banana peels, GCMS, AAS, Phytochemicals, Heavy metals, Chromium.
▪ Author(s): Vidhya Kaniyappan*, Regina Mary Rathinasamy, and Job Gopinath Manivanan
▪ DOI:

11. Analysis of Amyloid Beta 1-16 (Aβ16) Monomer and Dimer Using Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry with Collision-Induced Dissociation

▪ Keywords: Aβ16, Aβ16 dimer, collision-induced dissociation, mass spectrometry, MS/MS
▪ Author(s): Kyoung Min Kim and Ho-Tae Kim*
▪ DOI:

12. Comparative Sample Preparation Methods for a Label-Free Proteomic Analysis 

▪ Author(s): Thy N. C. Nguyen†, Jung Hyun Lee, Nayeon Kim, Jae Rim Choi, Hung M. Vu, and Min-Sik Kim*
▪ DOI:


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