AOMSC KSMS 2023 Sponsorship Guide

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The AOMSC & KSMS Organizing Committee are working together to host the 9th Asia-Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference at the Jeju International Conference Center on August 20 th – 23 rd , 2023. AOMSC is an academic conference, where international experts from a variety of MS fields, such as proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and fundamental MS studies, share their innovative research with fellow scientists and pursue exciting opportunities for international collaboration. The number of expected participants is approximately 1000, from diverse countries in Asian and Oceanic regions, mainly Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

We would like to extend an invitation to your company to participate in the Jeju AOMSC to showcase your products, and also to support the successful hosting of this international conference in Korea. We strongly believe this is a great opportunity to promote your recent product developments to distinguished scientists representing the Asian and Oceanic countries. We hope you can join us in promoting science and innovation.

Please refer to the attached documents for details. We wish you success in your business endeavors.

Regarding the approval of sponsorship for the 9 th AOMSC & 20 th KSMS Annual Conference, please contact:

Dr. Byungjoo Kim and Prof. Han Bin Oh (co-chairs)

KSMS Organizing Committee

E-mail: &

Byungjoo Kim

President, KSMS

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AOMSC KSMS 2023 Sponsorship Guide

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